Deceptively simple puzzle game that tests your memory and visual planning skills. Connect all the nodes without intersecting lines! Use the 20 second planning period before each board to work out a solution (or part of one) then rapidly solve! Boards are randomly created based on a skill factor. The better you get, the harder the puzzle!

3 Game Modes!

  • Classic: Use 20 seconds to plan your solve!
  • Relax: No timer, enjoy!
  • Marathon: Rapid fire boards back to back. Go for a new highscore!

This game is also available on Android with achievements and online leaderboards!

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsMinimalist, Time Attack

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I like this idea :D Simple game and easy rules. "How hard that can be for logical thinker...?" aka more restrictions!


Really nice idea! Sound effects and color hints also really help. Have you considered making this a mobile game as well?

Would be nice, maybe, if you could "remove" wrong lines somehow. (In an interesting way ... don't have any ideas right now.) Now when I make a mistake at the start of the level, I know I'll never be able to fix it and just have to wait until time's up :p


i like the relax mode how i can just solve the puzzle but the timer mode is when i make a lot of mistakes trying to solve it in one shot with limited tim