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brilliant game



amazing game though

wha the fuck is the final level 

great game but 

fuck the final boss

I enjoyed this game, but then the purple tanks started using aimbot and it ruined my experience, sort this out its not fair, i think im going to kill myself. Lot s of love, Tanks havhacks they r using aimbot


Congratulations well done, a truly deserving game for first place, you really nailed the theme and the game feels incredibly polished well done!


Wow man this game is awesome!!! I love everything about it, the art the gameplay the audio, all stellar! I have one question, are these 3D models or is it faux-3D achieve by stacking 2D sprites?


Hey thanks! The tanks use the stacked sprite method for fake 3d.


it looks great!


Good mechanics, really bad controls. I would have liked to see my tank face the cursor and move accordingly, other than that, fun game with smooth mechanics.

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The "bad" control scheme is a major mechanic of this game. You're supposed to be deliberate with your actions and plan ahead instead of rushing into battle. The limited controls, ammo, and health, reinforce this concept. Enemies are stupid and you can outsmart them easily, this was by design. Each level can be "solved" by using the mind instead of relying solely on reflexes. I was hoping that the mechanics of the game would condition players to realize this, but I guess I failed considering the complaints about controls.

nah the controls were necessary for the difficulty and the reasons you stated, good job

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I totally agree about having to "solve" each level. I liked the controls as they mimic actual tank controls as well (minus the turret rotation). I definitely felt like the ammo mechanic made me have to be deliberate with my shots and charge out of a safe zone to pick up ammo. Great stuff!




damn fun


Plays pretty nice, would be nice to have gamepad controls (I only tested browser version)


This looks amazing. I wish I could do that in 14h.