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10:59:08 (COULD IMPROVE A LOT. I didnt reallize its for time at the begginning)


i love tanks. i love small things. i love small tanks.

this was so freaking fun :D it was just that right mix of challenging, im not normally one for shooter games but this has to be an exception! also i gotta say, i love the sound effects, they even made being blown up satisfying lmao


Really annoying. Really fun. Great game, good job

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Fun tank action game though, besides shooting with Z or the Spacebar, does my tank also lose an ammo after dashing with X?

laser sight best + bouncy = gamer

Fun a level editor would make this worth like 15-35 bucks

Great Job! Super fun!

fun !


Final boss is fun. My strategy was to keep running away and firing "double", "big", "bouncy" bullets at the wall. Funny adjectives.

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it takes to long for it to register i pressed the buttons and instead of left and right arrow to turn it should be to go left and right

That would make aiming difficult though.


i did it 5 times


I did it! I am definetly playing it again so many times. It is awesome!

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I love this game so much!

I play it almost everyday, and even bookmarked it!

Two possible improvements:

1. Make the game longer, like 50-100 levels (now that I think about it 100 levels is a lot)

2. Make some upgrades possible to get multiple times (like get +2 Max Ammo all 6 times for a total of 15 ammo)

Yes we need those added.


I think a sequel or a level maker would actually bring in money




I was talking to my friends about this, we love the game and want more. I would be willing to buy a level maker (I love this game). Another fun option would be some sort of multiplayer (whether online or on the same computer).

Awesome. Multiplayer would be fun. I'm surprised people still play and talk about this game! I actually started working on a sequel two years ago, first thing I made was a level editor. Didn't get much further than that though... 

Adding new stuff to this game is hard because it was made in basically one day. The code is uhh... interesting.

Still, maybe I'll update it someday, or revive the sequel. 😊


This might surprise you then


cool!! how many directions in tank sprite?

The tanks are made up of a bunch of sprites stacked on top of each other. They're rotated programmatically, so only one direction had to be drawn. :)


This is the best game in itchio.

Please add more stuff please


this game was EPIC! please update or allow to get all upgrades???911?


brilliant game



amazing game though

wha the fuck is the final level 

great game but 

fuck the final boss

I enjoyed this game, but then the purple tanks started using aimbot and it ruined my experience, sort this out its not fair, i think im going to kill myself. Lot s of love, Tanks havhacks they r using aimbot

1. I believe purple tanks only fire faster than normal, and the aiming isn't changed

2. With practice, the purple tanks become really easy


Congratulations well done, a truly deserving game for first place, you really nailed the theme and the game feels incredibly polished well done!


Wow man this game is awesome!!! I love everything about it, the art the gameplay the audio, all stellar! I have one question, are these 3D models or is it faux-3D achieve by stacking 2D sprites?


Hey thanks! The tanks use the stacked sprite method for fake 3d.


it looks great!


Good mechanics, really bad controls. I would have liked to see my tank face the cursor and move accordingly, other than that, fun game with smooth mechanics.

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The "bad" control scheme is a major mechanic of this game. You're supposed to be deliberate with your actions and plan ahead instead of rushing into battle. The limited controls, ammo, and health, reinforce this concept. Enemies are stupid and you can outsmart them easily, this was by design. Each level can be "solved" by using the mind instead of relying solely on reflexes. I was hoping that the mechanics of the game would condition players to realize this, but I guess I failed considering the complaints about controls.

nah the controls were necessary for the difficulty and the reasons you stated, good job

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I totally agree about having to "solve" each level. I liked the controls as they mimic actual tank controls as well (minus the turret rotation). I definitely felt like the ammo mechanic made me have to be deliberate with my shots and charge out of a safe zone to pick up ammo. Great stuff!




damn fun


Plays pretty nice, would be nice to have gamepad controls (I only tested browser version)


This looks amazing. I wish I could do that in 14h.